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Performance testing is often a complex and time-consuming task. Setting up and monitoring of test environments, creating tests, and last but not least, analysing and reporting test results, require specialised performance testing consultants. While, in a continuous delivery world, teams would like to have continuous feedback on the performance of their application, performance tests are hard to scale due to this complexity.

With Perfana, every team integrates it’s own performance test into the CI/CD pipeline and gets it’s own performance testing dashboard. You can set performance KPI’s and thresholds for each application or define enterprise-wide performance requirements. Perfana will do the number crunching and automatically set the baseline, detect outliers and alert you when a new build deviates from the norm. It’s a unique approach called automated comparative performance validation which alleviates the need for a big complicated and therefore expensive setup as well as the need for scarce loadtesting consultants. With Perfana a performance testing engineer can typically support more than 6 teams / applications.

Perfana let’s you scale and go to market as fast as possible while still keeping a tab on performance.


Perfana allows teams to validate the performance of their software not just before going to production, but with each and every build … effortlessly. Our plugin integrates with all popular CI servers and enables each team to validate the performance with every build or release.


Because … well, performance. Studies have shown that web-site performance is the number one factor in improving conversion. Investment in performance therefore has a direct and immediate return.


Perfana doesn’t simply test performance. It validates the latest performance test results against automatically set historic benchmarks and detects and flags deviations stopping the continuous deployment pipeline.

Go Live with Confidence

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Performance test result analysis is knowledge and labor intensive.



The classical way of performance testing doesn’t fit well with the scale and speed of modern software development.

Fail fast

Fail fast

Performance issues should be detected as early as possible.

A rare breed

A rare breed

Performance engineers are hard to find. Put their skills to value.

Services & Support

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Installation and configuration

Perfana is designed to run in a Docker or Kubernetes environment and provides a simple install. For more complicated environments or custom integrations, we offer on site consultancy.

Performance Consulting

We can help your teams to adopt and implement continuous performance validation using Perfana.


We offer various on-site trainings and courses for teams that want a deep-dive into performance testing with Perfana.

Custom Development

Have a need for a specific feature? Let’s discuss options for having your own plugin.


Perfana: cost-effective and scalable performance engineering solutions.

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