Curious to find low hanging Performance fruit in your application today?


Deploy the free version and start your Continuous
Performance Validation journey right away. For your current and all future releases.

To deploy all the required software to set up a Performance Validation pipeline in your local machine a docker-compose file is available.

Create or generate the first load script, add your first system to Perfana, and run it as often as you like. The free version lets you test up to 5 systems in parallel.

Up and running in 15 minutes.

To get a fully working free environment follow these simple steps.

The Perfana demo environment can be used to try out all the features. It uses Docker compose and has a all components to emulate a live-like environment for Perfana, including an application to run a performance test.


  • Docker
  • Docker compose
  • A Linux terminal (on Windows use WSL2)
  • A minimum 8Gb of RAM allocated to docker daemon, preferably more

Getting started

  • Clone perfana-demo repository
    git clone

    or download here

    If you use the download option, make sure to extract the zip to a directory named perfana-demo!

  • Inside the repository root run

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