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What is Perfana | Continuous Performance Engineering?

Perfana helps teams to implement Continuous Performance Engineering in an agile environment.

Continuous Performance Engineering (CPE) is the systematic practice of continuous testing and optimising software performance as an integral part of continuous development. CPE ensures that any performance regressions are swiftly identified and addressed to safeguard production environments. This can only be achieved through rigorous automation with tooling that fits your team while being integrated into your CI/CD pipeline. Our CPE solution ensures that software applications not only meet but also exceed performance, scalability, and reliability expectations.

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What are the key features of Perfana that distinguish it from other performance engineering or testing solutions?

  • Works with any load test tool such as Jmeter, Gatling, K6 and Locust
  • Works at scale. As easy for 1 team as it is for 100 teams. 
  • CI/CD integration with all common CI/CD platforms
  • Golden path configuration of metrics collection, dashboards and performance requirements for common, well-known technology stacks gets the teams started in a a very short time.
  • Automated analysis of performance requirements and performance regressions across any conceivable metrics and traces eliminates the bulk of the work associated with performance testing and engineering
  • Root-cause analysis:  Offers tools for in-depth performance analysis to support data-driven decisions.

Is Perfana a load test tool?

No. Unlike traditional load testing tools, Perfana automates result analysis, providing continuous performance feedback to developers.

Our software solution gathers, visualizes, and automatically analyzes the data for the SLOs (Service Level Objectives) or performance requirements, ensuring that before you go live with your software, you have verified that the software will perform as required.

What Load Test Tools does Perfana work with?

    • K6
    • Jmeter
    • Locust
    • Loadrunner Cloud
    • Gatling

How does Perfana integrate with observability tools?

We build on top of Grafana and we have an integration with Dynatrace. Perfana happily works alongside any observability platform.

Does Perfana fit into my CI/CD pipeline?

Perfana integrates with any kind of CI/CD platform.

What does 'System Under Test' mean?

System Under Test (SUT)it’s any (combination of) application(s) or system(s) that is tested and analyzed under one name using Perfana. It could be a single microservice, a subsystem or your entire end-to-end system. Read more.

Can you test performance on a non-production-like environment?

Yes, you can do so through what we call Performance Regression Testing. Although testing in a scaled-down environment doesn’t directly translate findings to a production scenario, consistency in this approach effectively creates a testing framework. Any deviation from established benchmarks is an early indicator of potential issues, providing ample opportunity for timely resolution.

What deployment types does Perfana offer?

Both on-premise and cloud (SaaS).

How does Perfana ensure data security and compliance with privacy regulations?

All data in Perfana, whether it is on-prem or in our SAAS solution is encrypted at rest and in transit. Perfana integrates with all common OAUTH2/OIDC providers such as Azure, AWS, Google and Github. Data sent to / processed by  Perfana consists usually only of metrics data and log files. Whether that data contains PII or sensitive information is ultimately the responsibility of the customer.

Is Perfana right for me?

Of course, it is!

But seriously, check whether the following resonates with you: 

  1. Reliable and fast software performance is crucial for your business because it affects your customers’ experience (e.g., logistics, banking services, online education, transportation, and e-commerce). You share the vision that the better user experience you provide, the higher levels of customer satisfaction, leading to increased conversion rates and your revenue. 
  2. Your development cycle requires frequent and fast, yet high-quality, software releases in the agile environment.
  3. Creating a Performance Engineering framework and implementing continuous testing seems valuable but complicated. 

Then, you should definitely consider Perfana because:

  1. Perfana helps teams to avoid performance bottlenecks and address issues before they reach production and affect end-users. As a result,  your customers will enjoy smooth, reliable and fast software performance.
  2. Once Perfana is integrated into the development workflow, teams can test performance with every release as frequently as required without slowing down. Our solution automates over 80% of time-consuming manual tasks such as dashboard configuration, test comparisons, and root cause analysis. Perfana ensures you continuously improve performance and deliver high-quality software at the speed of DevOps. 
  3. Perfana eliminates the complexity associated with performance engineering and testing, making the process fast, easy, and scalable. Our solution ensures higher developer efficiency by providing actionable insights to improve performance while enabling easy performance testing orchestration. As a starting point, we offer Performance Engineering as a service. This helps teams to learn the fundamentals of performance testing and easily adapt the best practices.

"Performance is crucial. It’s the difference between customer experience and customer delight."

Joost Hofman - Albert Heijn
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