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Find and fix cpu hotspots with Perfana – part 2 by Peter Paul Bakker - Introduction Continuous profiling for automated performance tests with Perfana was the topic of my previous blog. Part 2 illustrates how you can use the flame graphs via our Pyroscope integration to find and fix CPU hotspots. Perfana really shines when running performance tests for each build of your software. You can compare any metric available […]
Find and fix cpu hotspots with Perfana – part 1 by Peter Paul Bakker - In our continuous quest for faster software with higher efficiency, more stability and lower costs, can we automatically prevent CPU waste from getting into production? We have Perfana set up for our Afterburner service and run continuous performance tests. Afterburner is a Java Spring Boot based (micro) service with artificial performance issues. There is a […]
Performance testing in an agile world by Daniel Moll - Performance testing in an agile world With the adoption of agile development with its shorter time to market and the implementation of micro service architectures in many organisations, the number of required performance tests to release with confidence increases dramatically. The “traditional way” of performance testing, with dedicated performance test specialists, is no longer scalable. […]

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