Our pricing models

Transparent flat fees, simple contracts, flexible duration.
Only pay per System Under Test (SUT).

At Perfana, we offer a unique pricing structure that puts you in control. With our transparent flat fees, simple contracts, and flexible duration, you only pay for what really matters – your System Under Test (SUT). What exactly is a SUT? It’s any (combination of) application(s) or system(s) that you define. It could be a single microservice, a subsystem or your entire end-to-end system.

We believe in empowering you to test as much as you need, as frequently as you want, and delve as deep into analyses as required to optimize your system’s performance.

Our commitment:

  • No charge for additional users, metrics, tests, or analyses. There are no unexpected costs and complicated billing.
  • Choose between Personal, Team or Enterprise usage.
  • We have both Cloud and On-Premise versions, but to keep it simple, the pricing is the same.
  • Get 2 months free when signing a year-based contract.
  • Get a discount for 10+ SUTs.

Perfana Personal

Made for individual engineers
  • Single user
  • Perform performance regression
    tests without manual effort
  • Auto-configured dashboards and SLOs
    based on tech stack and load generator
  • Automatically check SLOs on each test
  • Automatically compare SLOs
    with previous and baseline test
  • Compare test environment
    properties between runs
  • Define any testrun as a baseline
    for comparison
  • Smart links
per System under Test

Perfana Team

Made for a tech Team
  • All of Perfana Personal
  • Unlimited users
  • Compare test environment
    properties between testruns
  • Collaboration tools, incl Jira, Slack, Teams
  • Testrun reporting templates
  • Online testrun reports
per System under Test

Perfana Enterprise

Made for enterprises from 2 to 100+ teams
  • All of Perfana Team
  • Single Sign-On
  • Pyroscope Continuous Profiling integration
  • Tracing integration with
    Jaeger or Grafana Tempo
  • Mimir support
  • Set up to unlimited SLOs per SUT
  • Performance test effectiveness report
  • Custom domain
  • Priority support
starts at
for up to 10 SUTs

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*Note: all prices are excluding VAT, if applicable
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